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The Microtek range of Sinewave Inverters
Sinwave Inverters work with pure sinewave output and is completely safe for all types of electrical devices. It also comes with a handy Vacations Mode switch. Other features include:
- Modified PWM using MOSFET/IGBT
- 3 stage charging
- Deep discharge/Overcharge Protection
- Short Circuit Protection on Mains Mode
- Main input High and Low Protection
- Output Overload and Short Circuit Protection.

Get the maximum performance from your inverter – make sure it provides the quality of power that you want in the amount that you need.

Select the right Waveform

Waveform is an important consideration when choosing an inverter. Pure Sine Wave inverters provide premium power that is identical to (or even better than) power supplied by the utility company. Sine Wave inverters unlike Digital / modified waveform inverters do not have negative effects on sensitive and hi-tech equipment.

All our inverters have a Pure Sine Wave Output with the exception of our out smallest camping based inverter (600Va) which has a TPZi (Modified Sinewave) output.

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