Africa has proven to be a very successful testing ground for the Microtek range of inverters. With erratic utility supplies in various countries, the durability and reliability of Microtek inverters have been tested to the max, and have come out tops.

In countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, Microtek inverters have a proven track record. These are countries where utility supply is extremely erratic and have led to serious equipment damage. Microtek inverters have saved many customers the heartache of replacing costly equipment and have given them peace of mind while enduring endless hours of load shedding or utility malfunction.

It is also in these countries where Microtek Africa have been able to develop and continuously refine their support services.

Microtek International (Pvt) Ltd is India's largest power products manufacturer, specialising in uninterrupted power supply units Eight manufacturing plants, each specialising in different spheres of the industry has made it possible for Microtek to harness the World's Latest Technology, perfecting it and incorporating it into its product range. It is this dedication that has won Microtek national awards and international recognition.
In the pursuit of excellence, Microtek has initiated several quality management processes. Its work culture is now dominated by its quality-movement. All manufacturing facilities have been awarded ISO 9001-2000 Certification, including its Customer Support Activity. At Microtek, this International recognition
means a never-ending search for perfection and total customer satisfaction.

Microtek's commitment to "Better products through better technology" and "providing total customer satisfaction through internationally recognised quality" has transformed into business excellence. Microtek has now the largest installation base, which is growing month after month & year after year.

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