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How much will it run at peak efficiency (82%) :
2460 Watts
What can it run: Option 1 (Office):
Option 2 (Home):
Option 3 (Office):

How long will it last:

Using this inverter, on a full load of 2460W and Battery size of 200AH with battery voltage of 48Volts:
Back Up Time:

This is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This is ideal for both home and business use.

This inverter takes four 200AH Deep Cycle Batteries connected in series making 48V. Whilst it may be difficult to get 200AH batteries, clients do have two options:

a. Connect four smaller 100AH batteries instead, but their back up time will be reduced.

Or to achieve the above stated times (we recommend)

b. Connect eight 100AH batteries. (connecting two of the batteries at a time in parallel; creating four sets of 200AH 12V DC)

Intellicharge Pulse Technology
Charges battery faster & ensures up to 70% more battery life.
Dura Retain Technology
Longer Backups for long power cuts

Constant & Continuous Regulated Charging
Saves electricity on charging.

Auto Reset Feature
Switches off due to Over load, and Resets Automatically on reduction of load.
Manual Reset Button
Additional manual reset button if Inverter trips due to short circuit or spikes.
Optional Extra- Trolley A neat mobile trolley that houses your inverter and batteries.
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